Ascendview Releases WildMetrix Version 5

WildMetrix has new features in troubleshooting and decision support.

ROCHESTER, MN – September 28th, 2015 - Ascendview, a leading provider of IT performance management and troubleshooting software, today announced its Application Performance Management solution, WildMetrix, has extended its capabilities in troubleshooting and decision support for fast remediation of issues found in business networks and applications in newly release version 5.

The latest version, WildMetrix 5, expanded its framework of monitoring API capabilities to include Windows Event Tracing (ETW). ETW is a high performance logging mechanism already built in to the Microsoft Platform. It allows collection events from applications to the kernel in real-time. WildMetrix leverages this rich data source for monitoring out of the box and custom application trace providers.

Another new feature is alert actions built on the extensibility engine of WildMetrix. This provides unlimited possibilities to manage and capture system state at the critical time of alert.

And finally, WildMetrix integrates with Microsoft’s Windows Performance ToolKit (WPT). WPT is a powerful tool built by Microsoft for analyzing system and application performance. WildMetrix integrates with WPT by providing a central interface to record and analyze WPT traces. Traces can be automated through alert actions to capture key data at the time of performance issues.

WildMetrix 5 Highlights
  • Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) API for custom logging and statistical aggregation.
  • Alert corrective actions for remediation, tracing, and troubleshooting.
  • Centralized ­Integration of Windows Performance Toolkit for deep performance analysis.

WildMetrix has grown from a smaller point solution to providing the automation, power, and customizability that IT pros need. WildMetrix Version 5 features and capabilities are enhancements driven by its users who rely on the solution for everyday delivery of service.

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