WildMetrix Adds Monitoring Solution for Microsoft Hyper-V

WildMetrix adds to it's Microsoft Windows Platform Monitoring Capabilites with Monitoring for Hyper-V.

ROCHESTER, MN – January 9th, 2014 - Ascendview, a leading provider of IT performance management software, today announced its Application Performance Management solution, WildMetrix, has added monitoring capabilities for Microsoft Hyper-V, providing visibility and remediation capabilites into the availability and health of virtualized infrastructure in the datacenter.

WildMetrix for Microsoft Hyper-V gives IT pros ability to monitor the health and availiablity of Windows Hyper-V Servers used to host mission crtical roles such as Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server. IT pros can quickly see and be notified when baselines have changed from normal operations as well as performance remedial tasks from the console.

WildMetrix for Hyper-V Highlights
  • Monitor and manage machine states, performance, and events.
  • Insight into Hypervisor performance, capacity and availability.
  • Correlate memory pressure, processor usage and storage performance.
  • Stop, Shutdown, Reset, and Stop Virtual Machines from the console.
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WildMetrix™ is a system network performance monitoring software that provides IT professionals with the science to make fast decisions (even down to the second) during mission critical server, application and network incidents. Uncovering patterns and correlating inter-dependencies which cause system, application, and network delays is unparalleled with WildMetrix™ Decision Analytics.

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