Professional Services


Ascendview provides free getting started training with first time customers. Additional training is available at the time of installation or anytime thereafter. Training can help ensure your success with WildMetrix by:

  • Increasing user adoption
  • Implementing solutions more quickly
  • Reducing dependency on technical support
  • Realizing organizational goals


Ascendview Planning & Deployment services offer confidence and peace of mind in knowing you are getting a solution that is a direct fit to meet your monitoring needs. At the same time, these services enable Ascendview to consistently meet customer expectations on a timely and cost-effective basis.

Our Support Services team offers the technical expertise and product knowledge to fully implement and support WildMetrix on mission-critical business systems. Ascendview will perform a comprehensive review of your network and application architectures to assist in the selection of the monitoring solution that best suits your requirements. We will also confer how WildMetrix will be utilized in your organization, to ensure maximum potential use of the program attributes in your setting.


If your business needs additional coverage for custom applications and 3rd party solutions which are not mainstream we can help. Our product and skills provides a rapid framework to extend a solution quickly. Challenge us to create a custom solution to improve the visibility and reliability of your mission critical business infrastructure.